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Vema Mortgage LLC

Offer your esteemed Jumbo clients the premium pricing and swift processing they rightfully deserve. With our Jumbo Elite loans, you can ensure that your clients receive not only competitive pricing but also benefit from expedited closing times of 25 days or less.

Here’s what our Jumbo Elite loans bring to the table:

  1. Generous Loan Amounts: Access loan amounts of up to $2 million, providing your clients with the financial flexibility they need for their upscale property purchases or refinancing endeavors.
  2. Exclusive Rate Incentives: Reward your borrowers with exceptional credit scores of 740 or above with exclusive rate incentives. This incentivizes responsible financial behavior and enhances the overall borrowing experience.
  3. Versatile Usage: Our Jumbo Elite loans cater to various needs, whether your clients are purchasing primary residences or investing in second homes. This flexibility ensures that your clients can achieve their real estate aspirations with ease.
  4. Diverse Rate Options: Choose from a range of adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and fixed-rate options to align with your clients’ preferences and financial goals. Whether they prefer the stability of fixed rates or the flexibility of adjustable rates, we have options to suit every need.

By offering Jumbo Elite loans, you demonstrate your commitment to providing top-tier service and solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your high-value clientele. Elevate your lending experience and exceed your clients’ expectations with our exclusive Jumbo Elite loan offerings.

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