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Vema Mortgage LLC

Mortgage Broker

Trusted Experience.

VEMA MORTGAGE (NMLS # 1019911) is a top-rated Mortgage Broker specializing in wholesale residential mortgages. We are committed to helping individuals and families realize the dream of home ownership in the US.

VEMA provides:

  • Competitive mortgage rates.
  • Personalized customer service
  • Diverse loan options for all backgrounds.

We are ranked among the TOP 20 brokers nationwide for our partner UWM.

Meet the Family

Chirag Rachhadia

Mortgage Broker
NMLS # 1890628

Vipul Hapani

Mortgage Broker
NMLS # 1891192

Sebastian George

Mortgage Broker
NMLS # 161496

PT Johnson

Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS # 2063766

Sreedhar Anchuri

Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS # 2274506

Jansy Sebastian

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2472689

Flegy Abraham

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2259829

George Chirackal

Loan Officer
NMLS # 1706749

Manju Kizha

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2281602

Baijy Joseph

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2002581

Satish Kumar Dantala

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2222612

Chintan Shah

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2476200

Vishwa Gudur

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2496442

Ballingam Chepuri

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2463533

Anil Samala

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2395182

Bibek Kharel

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2397200

Sudhakar Meenige

Loan Officer
NMLS # 1927316

George Sebastian

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2047112

Laxmi Pantha


Nilima Ahire


Sirisha Kasimkota

Compliance Officer

Licenses Information

StateRegulated ByState License #
Arizona (AZ)Arizona Department of Financial Institutions1050238
Colorado (CO)Colorado Division of Real Estate1019911
Florida (FL)Florida Office of Financial Regulations MBR3878
Georgia (GA) Georgia Department of Banking and Finance1019911
Oklahoma (OK)Oklahoma Department of Consumer CreditMB016132
Maryland (MD)Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation1019911
Minnesota (MN) Minnesota Department of CommerceMN-MO-1019911
Michigan (MI)Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial ServicesFL0024269
Michigan (MI) 2nd Mortgage Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial ServicesSR0021551
North Carolina (NC) North Carolina Commissioner of Banks OfficeB-183688
New Jersy (NJ) New Jersey Residential Mortgage Broker License 1019911
Pennsylvania (PA)Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities96813
South Carolina (SC) South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs1019911
Texas (TX)Texas Division of Saving and Mortgage Lending1019911
Virginia (VA)Virginia Bureau of Financial InstitutionsMC-7094

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