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    • review rating 5  Sebastian was very helpful throughout the whole process. No doubt that he gave the lowest interest rate and I can say for sure as I did my research and shopped around for it. His team member had all closing documents prepared and in order and it was a flawless and hassle free experience for me.

      thumb Praveen Chandra

      review rating 5  I was a first time home buyer. Sebastian walked me through the whole process step by step and answered all of my questions promptly. He was very helpful through out the whole process and I would highly recommend him!

      thumb shivam kansagra

      review rating 5  There are several positive points about Sebastian.. I am a first time home buyer. He was excellent and clear in providing the details. He has been reachable all the times. He will provide good solution if you are facing any issues while buying a house.He closed my loan pretty quick. His suggestions and solutions are very good. I highly recommend him to any home buyer.

      thumb Garapati Krishna

      review rating 5  I was a first time home buyer and had very little knowledge about the entire mortgage process. Sebastian made it so much easier for us. He made the process very smooth for us and gave us every little details related to the mortgage. The interest rates are much more lower than any other lender in the market. I would definitely recommend Vema Mortgage to anyone who is looking for mortgage with lower interest rates.

      thumb RO RO

      review rating 5  Wonderful experience working with Sebastian. Always available to answer any questions. Quick and accurate information. No Hidden Charges. Sebastian is very humble and trustworthy person. I will highly recommend him.

      thumb Phanichandar Reddy

      review rating 5  It was great working experience with Sebastian. He has a great Mortgage Market knowledge. He helped me get the lowest mortgage rate and was very prompt and fast in moving the loan process ahead. He was also able to close the mortgage loan in a very short span of time and also helped me understand the entire process. Always available for any questions. I highly recommended him.

      thumb Chandan Sharma

      review rating 5  Did Mortgage refinancing from Vema Mortgage. The mortgage rate and cost were consistent with what was promised in the beginning. The whole process was fast and took less than 4 weeks. Very easy, transparent and with integrity. Thank you Sebastian

      thumb Anupam Garg

      review rating 5  I got low interest rate compare to other banks, any time telephonic support before closing and even after closing for my clarifications. I am very happy to say that whatever the estimated closing cost received in the beginning is same as actual closing cost, No Hidden Charges. Sebastian is very humble and trustworthy person.

      thumb Santoshkumar Teli

      review rating 5  There are so many positive things about Sebastian - 1. Sebastian is very good in prompt response. Even if he is busy he will respond that I am busy :). 2. He is very clear what is going to deliver. 3. His is giving best rate of interest in market. 4. He is always ready to clarify customer doubt. 5. The best part he is available all the time even after office hours even on week ends. Even there is nothing negative about him but I would advise new customers to prepare following check list before finalizing loan deal - 1. Do not take any oral commitment. All commitment should be on over email or paper. 2. Customer should ask full details closing cost estimation over email before deal. 3. All customers should follow up about loan process in regular interval. These points might help customer to avoid confusions.

      thumb Manish Gandhi