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    Carolina - 866-666-LOAN (5626)

    Virginia - 844-466-LOAN (5626)

    Open 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

  • Documents needed to start the Application:

    • Fully Executed PA, Seller’s Disclosures, Agency Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, MLS listing & All addendums. (signed by all parties).
    • Front & Back of the borrowers Driver’s License.
    • 2 latest pay stub.
    • 2 latest bank statement with all the pages (even if its blank).
    • Valid H1B1 docs (all pages) OR Green Card/EAD (front & back).
    • Personal tax returns (1040) for 2017 & 2016 with all the schedule and K1 if any.
    • 2017 & 2016 W2.
    • Business Tax for 2017 & 2016 (If Any with K1)
    • Homeowners insurance Declaration Page (After you get the appraisal report & 10 days before the closing).
    • Investment Home – Mortgage statement, Tax Bill & Insurance Declaration page (IF ANY).

    Please Note:

    • Appraisal fees will be charged upfront by the lender.
    • Please don’t give any notice to vacate your current apartment / home unless we close the new Home. Also lender don’t accommodate auspicious day for closing.
    • If there are any deposits other than the salary in your bank statement please send us a trail of them.
    • Lender’s only accept electronic doc. So please send all your doc via Email (as PDF attachment) or fax. Pl note that doc’s should be not password protected.
    • During the loan process inform us immediately if there is any change in employment.
    • Don’t open any new line of credit during the loan process.
    • Your spouse will be needed at the time of closing, even if they are not on the mortgage.
    • During the loan process, don’t transfer money/Consolidate funds till we say OK to it.
    • If you have a house in INDIA, which you are showing in your US tax return, then we will need the Mortgage Statement & Tax bill for last 2 years.